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Apr 2019

Upcoming Podcasts

April 24, 2019

We will be offering two types of podcasts:

Daily - Living a changed life

This month we will invest in being challenged by the 5 senses.  Helping us view and deal with things differently.


- May -

1 Determining how we see ourselves

2 Learning to listen to those around us

3 When things just don't smell right

4 When the salt becomes un-salty

5 Learning to go slow and feel our way

6 Recognizing our 6th sense

7 Why we need to recharge our batteries


Weekly - Building Basics -  Including a list of a multitude of subjects ...

    • Advantages of sunlight
    • TCM basics
    • Becoming your own advocate
    • Liver function 
    • Kidney function
    • Vaccination
    • Rehabilitation 
    • Body Awareness 
    • Exercise Routines
    • Muscles and their function
    • How often and how long should I exercise 
    • Are there advantages to walking?
    • Core strength - what is It?
    • You are what you eat... input... output
    • What are your daily Water requirements 
    • Should I Count calories?
    • What do minerals do in our bodies, why are they important ?
    • Tea types and advantages
    • What is disease?
    • Healing versus treatment
    • Treatments
    • Vaccination
    • Stroke
    • Diabetes 
    • Cancer & Tumors 
    • Weight Problems 
    • Heart Disease 
    • How much sleep is necessary 
    • Do I need more rest
    • What about kids and sleep
    • How do I experience relaxation 
    • How does screen time effect people
    • What role does music play in health